Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our new boat, and a new blog URL

We have closed on the the "new" boat. We are not going to name her Living Light as our Monk 36 has been (that truly felt like the name for our Monk but not our new boat). Thus, we will no longer be updating this blog. Should you want to follow us or stay up to date with our plans and time on the water with our new boat, please come visit us at our new blog! The address is:

Come visit us there. We have already begun posting there about our 275 mile trip up the Tennessee River to bring her to Island Cove Marina in Chattanooga!!!

Now....someone come on and come buy our beloved "Living Light." She is a special boat!


  1. How ironic it is that with your new boat comes a new blog site! That means one thing: you can start again and have a better life for yourself. Living light should guide you through the darkness and protect you from disaster. A special boat, indeed! :)


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